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 Thoughtful reminder to myself and other ritual casters

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PostSubject: Thoughtful reminder to myself and other ritual casters   Sun 16 May 2010 - 4:05

PHB 300 Component Cost
Alchemical Reagents (Arcana): Typically these are small vials full of powdered metals, rare earths, acids, salts, or extracts from creatures such as dragons or basilisks.

Mystic Salves (Heal): Restoration rituals use mystic salves, dabbed or painted on the creatures to be healed. These salves come in small jars and include blessed oils and unguents made from rare spices.

Rare Herbs (Nature): Rare herbs are usually collected and preserved during certain times of year, such as when the moon is full.

Sanctified Incense (Religion): Sanctified incense is prepared during certain religious rites and is burned as a powder or a stick.

Residuum (Any): The concentrated magical substance that results from performing the Disenchant Magic Item ritual, residuum can be used as a component for any ritual. You can’t usually buy it on the open market; you acquire it by draining it out of magic items.
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Thoughtful reminder to myself and other ritual casters
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