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 Emissaries of the Ruby King

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PostSubject: Re: Emissaries of the Ruby King   Sat 3 Nov 2012 - 5:36

"Now that the huntress has finished giggling like a school girl I will depart with your leave. Lovely has some letters to write and I have a privvy to attend. This may not be pretty."
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Power house!
Power house!

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PostSubject: Re: Emissaries of the Ruby King   Sat 3 Nov 2012 - 16:37

Physicist wrote:
Iron Duke Aizen Steelbloom waits quietly and patiently. He gives Duke Arcamenel what could almost be called a grin before rising from his seat and standing in the centre of the chamber.

"Your eminence King Blackwell.......Iron Dukes...... Captain, if I may offer but a few words.

How we choose to view this situation will ultimately influence our opinion toward a unified outcome. With the protection of our loyal population and lands to consider it will be in our best interest, over-all, to agree to King Mankar III offer.

We have to accept this offer of friendship as the defence of our independence has left us depleted and not at full strength. This cannot be ignored.

I understand the conflicted feelings we all must share at this time but if we are to establish a firm foundation for the our kingdom we must understand the harsh reality. By forging an alliance we foster trade for much needed supplies and expedite our kingdom's recovery.

We should view this as a diplomatic offer of aid with an agreement in writing stating the extent of our terms of trade. This will soften the opinions of others by extolling our great King's honor and virtue, strength of character and validation as a rightful heir to the Iron Ridge.

I feel we should dispatch our own emissary to return with emissary Furl to the Ruby Court to deliberate with King Mankar our acceptance of his offer of friendship and discuss the terms of trade as I previously stated.

At the same time we can send diplomatic representatives forth to [insert names of villages, towns and cities in an area proportional to the distance from Rivering to Blackwell castle as it's radius] to inform them that the Iron Ridge is once again held by the ancient Blackwell line and seeks to open dialog and trade opportunities, fostering friendship and growth for both peoples.

This shows that you are a King intent on prosperity and harmony, good qualities to display following your bloody and violent ascension to the throne.
It is also the fastest way to ensure a swift recovery of our full strength and the foundation for our continued growth and development."

Aizen gracefully bows before the assembled lords in thanks for listening with the same expressionless grin,

"Your eminence.......Iron Dukes...... Captain."

Iron Duke Aizen Steelbloom re-takes his seat and waits patiently in silence.


Hornet wrote:
Ignore as I am a retard

Hornet wrote:
I'm literally gagging for one.

Hornet wrote:
Shamus of the prolapsed anus perhaps

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Emissaries of the Ruby King
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