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 political environment in New Orleans 1921

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PostSubject: political environment in New Orleans 1921   Fri 20 Jun 2014 - 17:08

The city as a whole is run by Prince Vidal, who in addition to being the Prince, is also the local Lancea Sanctum Bishop. He is strongly opposed to the practice of vodoun, and is openly in favor of the persecution of those he considers should still be slaves.

Philip Maldonato is the Mekhet priscus, and Seneschal, an old world ally of Vidal.

Caitlin Meadows is a Gangrel Hound and inquisitor. While not Vidal's sheriff or only Hound, she is easily his most feared weapon.

Antoine Savoy is a Daeva, and self proclaimed Lord of the French Quarter. He is Vidal's biggest rival, but is in no position to yet challenge the Prince.

Baron Cimitiere is a Nosferatu of the circle of the crone. He is a feared vodounist, and holds sway over the black population of new Orleans.

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political environment in New Orleans 1921
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