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Power house!
Power house!

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PostSubject: Game Turn...   Game Turn... EmptySun 10 Jan 2010 - 19:57

Just talking to Dean before and we are both in the same boat with this so i figer i would put it out there. 1 game turn per week and playing every friday is never going to be posible for either of us and even trying to fit in 1 game a week will be tough.

I am not sure what everybody else is like but is changing it too every two weeks an option?
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Forum Douche'
Forum Douche'

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Game Turn... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Game Turn...   Game Turn... EmptyMon 11 Jan 2010 - 14:58

Every week is the goal; we'll see how we go. Main reason, I’m going over seas in April-may. Every 2 weeks will not allow enough time to rap this one up.

i know its going to be hard for some of you, but that’s why we start the next round at the end of the night. if the next Friday is going to be a problem then other plans can be made between the 2 players.

which leads to what happens when some one can't make it or get there game in

if a player is present on a Friday night with no opponent, they can join is another battle (multiplayer rules in the mighty empires book). Or play a gumby player. Depending on the circumstance.

the absent player will
- get no event choice
- have the last choice in the challenge phase.
- gain no empire points
- still generate revenue

No big deal if some one can't come or fit in a game. this campaign is not a serious strategic proving ground. It’s fun.
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Game Turn...
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