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 Matts Session notes.

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Matts Session notes. Empty
PostSubject: Matts Session notes.   Matts Session notes. EmptyMon 28 Jun 2010 - 8:27

Session 1 – Business as usual…

Los Nalgous is a grate space port and all but time is burning so Dick and Cox get the cargo stowed while Molly and Nerd boy run through the pre jump checks.

As per usual 1600 rolls around and Rake is no where to be seen so Dick leaves the rest of the crew to finish up while he heads off to do a bit of recon and sneak in a sly drink before dust off.

Rake is nestled into a down hill game of Ace high stud at some back water piss hole called the “Something Mexican” in the old sector of the station. Dick arrives in time too down a bourbon before Rake is ejected by the scruff of his neck by a couple of nickel and dime monkey suit wearing toughs, the sneaky fucker is dead drunk and wether this is his doing or somebody else’s who cares, it just makes it all the more easy to get him onboard and hit the road before he gets us into any more trouble.

…Disco Montego Blues…

Molly slides Bessy into Montego station quick and easy and we unload some cargo while Rake disappears off into the port. The pick up is some minxed up Hispanic broad who thumbs for the cargo with out too much conversation, once the crates are off our hands Dick ditches the stinky old ruski to head into town and grab Rake before he gambles away our shirts.

Montego is a polished up station with a little to much Imperial presence but Rake has managed to find him self a dice game to loose at in a quiet watering hole called the Wild Turkey. After getting knocked out of the first pot he gets IM’d and leaves the game in a stink of bad temper and insults. Once out of the bar Rake leads Dick to possibly the only shity unclean section of the Habs on the station and down to some seedy Asian front for the local Yak wana be’s in this sector.
Unsurprisingly Rake is on a first name basses with guy mainly due to his unpaid debts and we are suckered into doing some pro bono deliveries for the guy in order to lessen some of what is owed.

…No Job to Small…

We get back to Bessy and a single small crate is delivered not long after, Molly plugs in the cords and we head of into jump space as soon as we can. We are supposed to come out of jump in the heart of the Orion system by due to a course alteration Rake made on the sly we turn up in its outer limits, not far off some dilapidated off the radar refuse station the local cut throats call Lara way.
As it turns out this is where the last bit of cargo is due to be dropped.

The place is a ghost town and we are greeted by an automated transport cart at the docks. The cart hikes us half way across the station at a snails pace past row after row of shuttered up and abandoned habs and commercial frontage. Eventually we stop out side an old building and Rake manages to get the attention of a geezer hold up inside, pleasantries are exchanged and we are directed around the corner to a ware house where the roller doors slide open as we approach.

Inside are a few of the local space trash tough nuts with some huge hard arse looking guy fronting them. Rake prattles on and we unload and hit the road, Molly has managed to work out the old manual fuelling valve that this space station has and we are done and dusted in less then two hours.

…Come for the View…

We do a small hop across the system to Yamoto station and drop the rest of our cargo. The pick up is some small pasty looking fellow with three hired goons in tow but things go off with out a hitch.

Molloy has already headed off to one of her favoured spots on station and Rake is missing so the rest of us pile into a transport and head up to the entertainment strip to a club called Tanto’s. Rake is there chatting up some Bald guy in a suit and two of his friends so the rest of us pull up stool and enjoy the dancing girls.

Apparently Rake has found us some work so we head off to the corp hub of the station for a meeting with a guy named Arthur. The meeting is outside the Raydu company office and after standing around for a few minutes Arthur arrives in a cab.
We head into the building and up to the 13th floor to the office of some guy named Tiberius Burrows, obviously a big wig of some description and him and Rake discuss the job. Burrows drops a massive payment into out bank accounts and we head to the under ground garage of the building to pick up a large flat bed truck loaded with crates.

…I Swear it was like that when we got here!...

Back to Bessy and load the cargo while Nerd boy scans the local message boards looking for any jobs following the same rout to fill up the rest of the cargo bay. We manage to get one to deliver some food stuffs to a destination near our first refuelling stop.

Or main destination is out in the Ryan system on the fringe of known space but the first port of call will be for the food stuff drop off and a refuel at Maddox station near Jake Star.

We come out of Jump space tho to find the area full of debris and Maddox station no where to be seen. The sensors pick up the effluent trails of a star ship of some type that must have recently passed through and also the distress beacon for a life boat not far off our current position.
We decide to play the Good Samaritan and pick up the 20 or so survivors on the life boat and transport them across to Bessy in there Cryo low berths. Seeing as how they will take up a hell of a lot les room in the low berths we leave them there and make an emergency jump to the near by station Nuyen.

...A Hero’s Welcome…

Once we arrive at Nuyen we dump the survivors out of there deep sleep and move them out onto the dock. Unfortunately for us the local imperial goon squad turns up and starts nosing about throwing acquisitions here and there. Rake butters up the brass and manages to get us out of the fire and he even manages to find a substitute buyer for the food stuff and extra low berths.

There is no news of the missing space station on the local channels and the Imperial customs agents don’t know anything either but Nerd boy manages to pick up a little banter from some cross sector gamer in one of his VR sims.

Session Fin.
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Matts Session notes.
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