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 gaz's clean out

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gaz's clean out Empty
PostSubject: gaz's clean out   gaz's clean out EmptyTue 4 Oct 2011 - 21:11

hi all
i've been evicted and am having a clean out. here is a list of blood stuffs i have let me know any of you are interested. the number next the items is the price i'm listing it on wargamerau. you guys can make me an offer if you like.

Blood bowl box 80
Blood bowl box 80
Blood bowl box 80

Event cards 20
roster 10
roster 10
troffies 20

ogres 80
orcs 40
elves 60
wood elves 60
chaos warroirs 60
halfling 60
halfling 60
goblins 100

Griffoberwald 10
griffoberwald late 10
mrg n thorgn 20
lord 10
Varag 10
Ogre thrower 20
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gaz's clean out
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