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 [NPC] Buck Woods

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Power house!

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[NPC] Buck Woods Empty
PostSubject: [NPC] Buck Woods   [NPC] Buck Woods EmptyThu 6 Oct 2011 - 12:46

[NPC] Buck Woods Thecowboy

Gunfighter and Bounty Hunter.

The most widely spread story about him is the one where he had his ring finger bitten off in a whore house by a Comanche magic women with the name “Laughing Crow Jane” he had been trackin’ across three states. Apparently Jane used the devils arts to trick Woods into her bed but when she went to scalp him half way through their dance Woods came to his senses, gouged out one of her eyes and got her in a fish hook hold. She bit clean through the finger before the fight was over but caught five .44 slugs for her troubles.

A hundred years from now, D&D 99.5E will have pared the game down to four skills - Hurting, Breaking, Living, and Talking. Talking will be a dump stat for most classes.
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[NPC] Buck Woods
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