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 Round 5 (Summer) -BATTLE AND CONQUEST-

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Round 5 (Summer) -BATTLE AND CONQUEST- Empty
PostSubject: Round 5 (Summer) -BATTLE AND CONQUEST-   Round 5 (Summer) -BATTLE AND CONQUEST- EmptyMon 26 Mar 2012 - 19:35

Anna vs Gaz
Ryan vs JD
Dean vs Dave

Strategic Event
Ryan - Land grab
Dave - Spies
JD - War tax
Gaz - Arcane Knowledge

here is how to determine your battle outcome

Game outcome
After the game, players work out how many victory point each player has scored using the victory point system in the rule book. calculate the difference in VP between the players. then figure out what percentage of the games point limit that difference is. this will give you the games out come and empire points earned.
e.g. Matt and Dean play a 2000 points game. at the end Matt has 610 victory points and Dean has 970. the difference is 360 in Deans favor. 360 is 18% of the 2000 point game limit, which means Dean has scored a Solid victory and Matt Has a Loss. bad luck Matt Sad

Victory point.....Outcome...........Empire Points
11% - 15%.......Minor victory......3
16% - 25%.......Solid Victory......4
26% - 50%.......Major victory......5

In the order players get their results in they can now spend their hard earned Empire points.

Spending empire points
Empire points are spent as follows. Unspent empire points are lost at the end of the conquest stage, they don’t carry over to the next campaign round.

Claiming Tiles – 2 empire points
Place a banner on an unoccupied tile adjacent to one of your own tiles. Give the grid reference of the tiles you wish to claim.

Conquer Tiles – 3 empire points
Remove other player’s banner and place your own banner on a currently occupied adjacent tile. You must have won a battle against the current occupant in the preceding battle phase. NB: It costs one extra empire point to conquer a tile with a city or castle. Give the grid reference of the tiles you wish to Conquer.

Build – 1 empire point
Add a, castle or mine to one of your already claimed tiles. Or upgrade a castle to a city.

Raids – 1 empire point
Generate 2D6x5 gold.

Mountain tiles - +1 empire point
Mountain tiles cost an addition 1 empire point to claim or conquer.

Round 5 (Summer) -BATTLE AND CONQUEST- Round4end

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+1 Cammando!
+1 Cammando!

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Round 5 (Summer) -BATTLE AND CONQUEST- Empty
PostSubject: Re: Round 5 (Summer) -BATTLE AND CONQUEST-   Round 5 (Summer) -BATTLE AND CONQUEST- EmptyTue 27 Mar 2012 - 21:03

hey gaz, JD said he pm'ed you the details of our battle, could you tell me how many points i got please?

cheers man.

Round 5 (Summer) -BATTLE AND CONQUEST- NMhph
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Round 5 (Summer) -BATTLE AND CONQUEST-
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