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 The Hunting of more bandits

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The Hunting of more bandits Empty
PostSubject: The Hunting of more bandits   The Hunting of more bandits EmptyMon 5 Nov 2012 - 9:53

"Well Iven Rightman what deal have we brokered?"

Elessar listen patiently as Iven tells him the spitors name and the deal he had proposed to them.

"Well that doesnt sound like a very good idea. They will still be in my land. They should work for us to pay for the lost goods they have cost my people."

Elessar thinks for a moment. 'The possible numbers of a bandit group could truly enhance our fighting power, even for a short time. The cost may be great but we could make a lot of money if we get them to help us protect our lands instead of attacking them.'

"We should follow them and find out if they have a larger group the report to. If this is the only group we should at least try to buy them for temporary muscle to bolster our ranks."

Elessar bows to Iven with respect.

"So Iven Rightman, will you help me a little longer? I could use your way with words to strike a deal with them if possible. If they become hostile I could use your skill in battle. What do you say, are you with me?"
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The Hunting of more bandits
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