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 The Western Ranges

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PostSubject: The Western Ranges   The Western Ranges EmptySun 7 Apr 2013 - 20:35

Like a Star @ heaven All access through the western mountain range will have to travel through the wall / main gate, all other tracks, trails, and trade routes with be closed off making the western side un passable.

The Western Ranges Rock_Castle_by_gregmks

There is 3 watchtowers spaced out along the western ranges, 2 two to the north and one to the south of the "wall". ( i have printed out diagrams of the internal structure )
these towers would comfortably house 30 men + supplies / arms. In time there will be farms and livestock added to the immediate surrounding lands. Hidden trails will connect the towers to
the wall ( these are inside the mountain range well within the un passable border ) thus allowing communication via horseback or foot and very large smoke signal device to be used for emergency contact between the towers / wall

The Main Gate

The Western Ranges The_Fortress_Of_Dros_Delnoch_by_Gaius31duke

Yamir manor will be constructed at the top of the wall with a ancient looking tower to be contructed within a mile of the manor.
Like a Star @ heaven exact details of these two projects will be provided soon

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PostSubject: Re: The Western Ranges   The Western Ranges EmptyMon 8 Apr 2013 - 12:08

Since you are putting some thought into the defense of your border i figure i shall supply you with some additional information.

The western mountain range hosts the highest reaching mountains in all of Faraway. Their lofty reaches are a cold and hostile place home only to roving bands of goblins and beastmen, the occasional giant and the hardened mountain men of the Iron region.

Crossing from the West to the east via the mountain range is a suicidal task at anytime but the very height of summer. During this time the mountain men can lead those willing through a series of narrow and dangerous tracks that crest the lower central section of the range to the south of Blackwell castle.

The main flow of traffic through the mountains is in the hilly lands at the northern most tip of the realm. This area sees a steady stream of merchant caravans passing along the traders roads, crossing from the western to eastern side of Faraway. This area has often been rife with bandits and beast-men picking on the less defended traveler as they make there way through the region.

As for traveling under the mountain there are no known passageways in the cave systems that connect from one side to the other. If there are any linking passages they would only be known to the roving goblin tribes.

If you have any further questions let me know.

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The Western Ranges
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