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 Red Port and it's Infrastructure.

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Red Port and it's Infrastructure. Empty
PostSubject: Red Port and it's Infrastructure.   Red Port and it's Infrastructure. EmptyMon 24 Jun 2013 - 18:23

The City of Red Port is a hard nut to crack.

It's central hub is known as the Red Keep, it sits at a Mountains Mouth and is a completely walled city.

Built at the mouth of the Red River as it opens into the Bay of Blood, this vast city lives in the shadow of the Dumû idùzhib (Blood Diamond) The great western mountain.

The city itself is quite large. Walled off by a great structure built by the Dwarves that live there still (The Lambûl Abadur or Under Mountain Dwarves). The wall comes from the point of the mountain closest to the city and circles around from the bay to the first turn in the river.

The city of Red Port is 1 mile across and the surrounding suburbs and settlements in the wall reach 1.6 miles in total.

The occupants of the city are many. The Red Keep claims host to upwards of 40,000 Dwarves. There is also a numbered population of Human folk in the thousands. Closest count has been about 10,000. They settle in the city but have family in the lake village of Copperheart. This village is set in lake Cree down the river from Red Port. There are many other races in the vast city as it is the gate way to the western world.

Although it freely trades with sailors from the lands beyond the western seas, they have kept themselves fairly shut off from the war in faraway.

The main trades for the city come from the mountain. The ambû Abadur Dwarves are an ancient race that lived in vast cities carved in the sides of mountains for eons. They are miners and great metal workers.

The materials mined from this mountain are many and the root of the rock goes deep.

The city mines for the following:
Carbon; found in forms of pure carbon and graphite.
Copper and Zinc which makes a suitable bronze.
A fair amount of cobalt.
There is a strong vein of gold.
The name sake and greatest commodity from this mountain is diamond. Large ones at that.

The great bounty from this mountain has placed the city in a great position through the years. It is rich and can still trade in the gems and gold but find themselves in a tricky situation in war time.
Although they are walled off quite well they only mine the composite metals for steel. They have no iron.

There was a time when the Dwarves and Men of Red Port had settlements near the iron mountains but these ties have been severed and trade from beyond the western shores is not bringing this essential product.

The Red Keep is run by the Dwarven royal family Metalcarver. The leader of the city is the Prince regent Burlo Metalcarver son of Rotu. He rules with a council of Dwarf elders and human ministers.

The dominant ministerial human family are the Horseking clan and the head adviser on the Prince's small council is Lord Grahame Horseking.

Still more to come.
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Red Port and it's Infrastructure.
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