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 Sir Percival The Night Breaker

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Sir Percival is a Paladin for the Church of Durga. A lawful follower of the God of Battle he, like most of his faction of the faith believe, that his deity gives power to those that wish to cleanse the world of chaos and evil in battle.

Born in the imperial city at the heart of the Dol Seroth empire, he was raised to fight for the church and his sovereign nation. A simple young man of 20 years Percival was knighted early as he showed great promise as a fighter for the honour of war.

Growing up in an old and great church of Durga he was taken by one of the churches high priests, Hierophant Cocoran Shay, at the mere age of 10 and sailed for a new promising land to set up a temple and train further in his arts.
In the forming of Port Newland in Faraway, young Sir Percival followed the other Knights of Durga into battle with the savage natives around the fledgling nation in the south of Faraway. It wasn't long before this young Paladin in training would show his true passion for his church and fight with bravery and honour.

It was these deeds in his youth that caught the attention of one of his now greatest friends and admirers Robin Featherfall. Robin is a wandering minstrel who journeyed across the sea some years after the city of Port Newland was established. He heard of the deeds of this young acolyte to the church and wrote many a song about him. This wandering minstrel will often follow young Percival into battle to give him strength through his music, or sit at the bar in a tavern and play his lute while regaling the audience with tails of the Paladin's courage.

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Sir Percival The Night Breaker
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