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 Political Environment in London in 1832

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PostSubject: Political Environment in London in 1832   Political Environment in London in 1832 EmptyThu 26 Sep 2013 - 11:28

London is ruled by "Prince Pierre"
A Ventrue of the Lancea Sanctum.  He and his right hand (now sheriff) arrived thirty years ago out of nowhere, and rested control from the incumbent Invictus prince.  After many deals, and a short battle, power was transferred with little disruption to the nightly routine.

Baxter is a Nosferatu.  He was the seneschal for the previous prince, but after a deal made with pierre, he helped bring down his prior master in exchange for a position in Pierre's court.

Mieke, a Daeva, she was previously a relative unknown, but was raised to a position of prominence on Pierre's ascension.  No one knows why.

The prince takes advise on occasion from a small primogen, these are also Regents and will be detailed below.

The local prisci are not officially recognised by Pierre.  Unofficially Baxter is the head of the Nosferatu, Pierre himself is the head of the Ventrue, Mieke head of the Daeva, the Regent Alice head of the Mekhet, and the Sheriff Boris head of the Gangrel.

Boris, a Russian Gangrel, came to London with Pierre.  He is the princes muscle. A sadistic, and cruel vampire, torture is said to be a specialty of his.

Upon seizing power Pierre divided London into districts, and appointed control to various powers he had made deals with.
Palace District:  This is in the east of London, and is Pierre's own district.
South River District: This is the area of London south of the Thames.  This was awarded to a Gangrel named Elijah, punishments for wrong-doings are harsh here.
Docks District: This is the west area of London, and was awarded to a Mekhet named Alice, she is often thought to be Pierre's spymaster.
Central District: Immediately west and adjacent to the palace district, was awarded to a Ventrue by the name of Marcus, the Carthians seem to be infiltrating this region heavily.
Hospital District: Located between the Central district, and the Docks district. Officially this district is not controlled by any one vampire, but in reality Pierre controls it, and deals with law breaking here harshly.

Political Environment in London in 1832 NMhph
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Political Environment in London in 1832
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