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PostSubject: Game Summary   Game Summary EmptyThu 26 Sep 2013 - 11:24

The year is 1832, and you died five years ago. Since then things have become a whole lot more complicated. You belong to a coterie started by your sire, although you have not seen him in several weeks. Instead you spend most of your nights with three other neonates your age. Their sires started this coterie with yours. While this does not mean they can be trusted completely, they are more trustworthy than others of the kindred. Besides they are good company, and the three of you get along pretty well. All in all, while being a vampire is a lot more complicated than being a human, unlife is pretty good. Until one fateful night, it starts like any other, but a trip to a vampire pub will thrust you and your compatriots into the terrifying world of kindred politics. With missing sires, a sadistic sheriff hounding you, a pompous prince commanding you, the beginnings of the carthian movement, and a serial diablerest roaming the streets, your every move could be your last.

Starting in 19th century London, the story will also take you too 20th century new Orleans, and culminate in 21st century Melbourne.

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Game Summary
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